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A Diverse Workforce for a Diverse Hoosier Economy

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 5:09 PM | Jill Ewing (Administrator)

Indiana has made significant efforts in recent decades to diversify its economy and be resilient to economic shocks and downturns affecting specific industries.

In the last few decades, the global economic landscape has changed dramatically. While at one time economic resiliency was driven by low taxes, cheap land and unskilled labor, the competitive advantage now goes to regions that attract and retain an abundant workforce that is trained and trainable.

As many states now face a significant and growing labor shortage, the competitive advantage for attracting and retaining business investment is now shifting to areas that are able to grow and retain a skilled workforce. Workers now choose communities that support their desired lifestyle and quality of life in addition to choosing employment. Investment in schools, amenities, infrastructure, the arts, and general quality of life drive location decisions for workers and their families.

Now, jobs and investment follow the workers.

‘Hoosier Hospitality’ is a cultural quality of our state that is being put to the test. Like many other states, Indiana is suffering from a systemic shortage of people with transferrable skills required by our employers. As our workforce ages, it is not easily being replaced. Our universities train individuals from all over the world but we are not retaining enough of them upon graduation. When leaders in Indiana make public statements that minimize individuals and seek to pass legislation which fails to embrace our differences, it undermines the concept of Hoosier Hospitality.


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