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IEDA has two main awards that are presented to recipients at its annual conference in December. The awards are the Orr-O’Bannon Lifetime Achievement Award and the IEDA Excellence in Leadership Award.

The Orr-O’Bannon Lifetime Achievement Award

This award was created in 2003. The first recipient was Frank O’Bannon posthumously. It is awarded to individuals deemed by the IEDA to have created a material positive impact on Indiana’s economic development as a major accomplishment during their professional careers. They need not be members of IEDA and it is not an annual award, but rather is bestowed upon selected individuals at IEDA’s annual conference when determined to be worthy by IEDA.

Since that time, the following individuals have received the Orr-O’Bannon Award:

  • 2003 Frank O’Bannon (posthumously)
  • 2004 John Mutz
  • 2006 Tom Surgener
  • 2008 Hiromi Hemuki
  • 2008 Senator David Ford (posthumously)
  • 2010 Morton Marcus
  • 2012 Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr.
  • 2014 Thomas J. Snyder
  • 2015 Becky Skillman
  • 2019 Steve Biggerstaff (posthumously)
  • 2019 Larry Ingraham

The IEDA Excellence in Leadership Award

This award was created in 1999 as a way to recognize an IEDA member for his/her contributions to Indiana’s economic development as embodied by excellent leadership. Each year, IEDA awards one recipient this award based on the individual’s leadership role in the IEDA organization. IEDA has been fortunate to have many great leaders, but each of the recipients of the IEDA Excellence in Leadership Award has helped create the IEDA organization that we now enjoy.

The IEDA Excellence in Leadership award recipients are:

  • 1999 Elaine Fisher
  • 2000 Pat Vercauteren
  • 2001 Scott Fulford
  • 2002 Mike Brooks
  • 2003 Helen Humes
  • 2004 Pete Lieber
  • 2005 Carol Rogers
  • 2006 Bob Hutchings
  • 2007 Thayr Richey
  • 2008 David Terrell
  • 2009 Dennis Maloy
  • 2010 Randy Haymaker
  • 2011 Loren Matthes
  • 2012 Ron Keeping
  • 2013 Chuck Martindale
  • 2014 John Stafford
  • 2015 Jim Tidd
  • 2016 Nolan "Skip" Kuker
  • 2018 Diane Thalmann
  • 2019 William Petranoff

Additional Awards

In 2018 IEDA celebrated its 50th Anniversary. At the Celebration Gala the following awards were presented. 


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