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October 24 - 25, 2019


Graduate Bloomington, 210 E Kirkwood Ave, Bloomington, IN 47408

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8:30 AM - Registration

8:45 AM - Introductions

9:00 AM - Block 1 

Creating a Stronger Local Economy through Business Retention and Other Measures
What is BRE? Why is it important for a strong economic development strategy? How can an effective BRE program assist with Business Attraction and Quality of Place initiatives? This session will provide examples of effective BRE initiatives and programs suited for both large and small economic development organizations. The session will also include a discussion of other measures such as Quality of Place initiatives and workforce development initiatives that lead to building a stronger economy for your community and region.
Speakers: Jason Hester, Greater Columbus Economic Development Corporation

10:30 AM - Break

10:45 AM - Block 2 

Be Prepared: Knowing How to Build or Enhance Your Assets & Inventory
Economic development success is no longer defined by just job creation or industry attraction. Today’s LEDOs are working to attract retail, residential, and downtown development to their communities. In this session, attendees will walk through a case study from a community involved in all of these areas. Information will include how best to identify potential sites for development, keys to educating elected/appointed officials about public/private partnerships, key information you should have readily available for all of your development sites, and learn about the various site readiness programs and assistance available to communities.
Speakers: Brian Asher, Shelby County Development Corporation and Chris King, Runnebohm Construction Company, Inc.  

12:00 PM - Lunch

1:00 PM - Block 3 

What I Would Tell My Younger Self Today
Faced with both internal and external pressures, the life of a LEDO can be challenging at times and requires an adaptive mindset to change. Many times we come out of an experience wishing for a better outcome or process. This session promises to be entertaining, yet educational and offers attendees lessons learned from those who have “been there/done that”.
Speakers: Mike Dellinger, Morgan County Economic Development Corporation | Jody Hamilton, Greater Lafayette Commerce  | Corey Murphy, New Castle/Henry County Indiana Economic Development Corporation 

2:00 PM - Break

2:10 PM - Block 4 

Telling Your Community’s Story
Attendees will increase their knowledge for effectively telling their community’s story; hear from LEDO peers and communication professionals as they share best practices and real-life experiences on how to successfully communicate to internal and external audiences. Information gleaned will include tips to communicating the value of your organization to community stakeholders, tips on marketing your community to external stakeholders such as site selectors, real estate professionals, and growing companies, and finally tools—including free or inexpensive—to assist in your efforts.
Panel: Wendy Dant Chesser, One Southern Indiana | Keith Gillenwater, Grow Wabash County | Misty McCammack, Duke Energy | Terri Randall, One Dearborn, Inc.  | Heather Tallman, Indiana Grown

3:40 PM - Break

3:50 PM - Block 5

Role of the LEDO: Face of Economic Development Today
The Role of the Local Economic Development Organization and its Director is constantly changing. Today’s LEDO operates almost as a conductor of a symphony making sure that all agencies within in a community or region are working cooperatively towards the same goals and objectives. In this session you will discuss internal and external customers; hear examples of how to manage your Board of Directors; and have a effective communication program with elected officials and the public as well.
Speaker: Wendy Dant Chesser, One Southern Indiana

5:20 PM - Wrap up

5:40 PM - Break

6:30 PM - Dinner


7:15 AM - Breakfast

8:00 AM - Block 6

Local Incentives/Common Tools of the Trade
Although the availability of workforce has become the #1 criteria for evaluating a community for business attraction or expansion, local incentives still play a major role in site selection. This session focuses on 2 major incentives available to LEDOs – Tax Abatement and Tax Incremental Financing. The session will provide a brief overview of the legal authority for both incentives while providing case studies of how these 2 incentives were used in successful projects. Case Studies will also include a successful project using Residential TIF. You will also work in a team to develop a local incentive package for a mock project and present that package with justification to the other teams attending the Course.
Speakers: Heidi Amspaugh, Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors, LLC | Mayor Denny Spinner, City of Huntingburg | Rich Starkey, Barnes & Thornburg LLP

11:00 AM - Break

11:15 AM - Block 7

Responding Effectively to an RFI
Submitting an RFI can be overwhelming and time-consuming, but is answering all the questions enough? In this session, attendees will gain insight on best practices from three perspectives: a LEDO peer, site consultant, and IEDC. Learn what typical data points and information you should have at the ready, what the process is once you submit, and how to ensure your completed RFI showcases your site submission.
Speakers: Sarah Salisbury, Indiana Economic Development Corporation | Tonia Simpson, Corporation for Economic Development | Leslie Wagner, Ginovus

12:30 PM - Lunch Break

1:30 PM - Block 8

Open Questions: What Didn’t We Answer?
With the Course being only 2 days, it is extremely difficult to cover everything about economic development in Indiana. This session was designed for you to ask questions about topics not covered in the sessions or to clarify something previously presented. A panel of experienced folks in economic development has been formed to address your questions. This would also be an opportunity to make suggestions or comments about the Course will be used in designing future presentations.

3:00 PM - Wrap up/Adjourn

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